Extreme Connect Solutions Showcase

Solutions Showcase

ExtremeCloud XIQ Essentials for the Infinite Enterprise 

Richard Hunt, Senior Product Manager

Walk through Location, Guest, IoT, and AirDefense essentials packages with Senior Product Manager, Rich Hunt. Learn how to

CoPilot: Reduce Risk and Save Time with Explainable ML/AI

Jeevan Patil, Senior Director of Product Marketing; Marko Tisler, Director of Product Managment

A Copilot assists the Pilot in every aspect of operating an aircraft – including radio communications, navigation, completing 

Introducing ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine

Zdenek Pala
Senior Product Manager

ExtremeCloud IQ-Site Engine extends cloud management to third party devices, and non-cloud-native devices, including devices traditionally managed by Extreme Manage-

How Extreme Delivers Data Privacy, Sovereignty and Protection

Bill Lundgren, Product Director

In today’s cloud data-driven world, data privacy and protection are paramount. With that, using cloud services comes with increased scrutiny and legal requirements.

Extending the Infinite Enterprise with ExtremeCloud IQ APIs

Bill Lundgren, Product Director; Manoah Coenraad, Senior Software Systems Engineer; Tony De La Rosa, Senior Director of Product Management

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enables users to integrate XIQ data

Visibility, Management, and Troubleshooting Using ExtremeCloud IQ

Kenn Jones, Senior Manager of Systems Engineering

When people think of network management they usually think about ease of configuration. What does it take to onboard

Services Enable the Infinite Experience

Lynn Fraser, Senior Director of Sales, Services; Rob Rosa, SVP of Services Sales

Network downtime will not only cost your business revenue, it will also cost you the bandwidth of resources who are critical to driving growth. Extreme Networks’ Services

What’s New with Fabric Connect?

Camille Campbell, Senior Product Marketing Manager; Dinesh Rego, Senior Product Manager

From increased automation to next generation edge features, Fabric Connect has recently added some of its most significant enhancements yet! Join this

Fabric Connect Automation and Extension to the Edge

Ludovico Stevens, Senior Systems Engineer; Roger Lapuh, Director, Product Line Management

This session dives into the new automation features designed to deliver true zero-touch deployment of the Fabric Connect/Fabric Attach infrastructure. Also covered will be

Scaling Your Fabric Connect Network with SPB IS-IS Multi-area

Roger Lapuh, Director, Product Line Management

Looking to add scale to your Fabric Connect network? Join this presentation and get a technical overview of the upcoming multi-area functionality designed to allow you to

Zero Touch Fabric and its impact on Zero Trust Networking for the Infinite Enterprise 

Ed Koehler, Senior Principal Software Applications Engineer

When we think about zero trust we most often think about the users and devices that connect to the network. But what about the network infrastructure itself? If we cannot

City of Milwaukee – Fabric Networking in Action

David Henke, CIO, City of Milwaukee

Join David Henke, the CIO at the City of Milwaukee, and learn how his networking/IT team has been leveraging the Fabric Connect technology to provide simple, resilient connectivity for over 7,000 

Government of Northwest Territories – Fabric Networking in Action

Terrel Hobbs, Enterprise Network Architect, Government of the Northwest Territories

Ever wonder about the complexities of delivering network IT services across the vast Canadian north? Join this session, where Terrel Hobb’s, Enterprise Network

Inside Extreme Fabric Connect and Its Simplification of the Network

Chuck Long, Principal Systems Engineer; Jake Koch, Senior Systems Engineer

oin this session and learn the basics of what you need to know about Extreme’s innovative Fabric Connect technology. Learn

The Infinite Enterprise

Carla Guzzetti, VP Product Strategy; Tim Harrison, Product Director

Both Ed Meyercord and Nabil Bukhari have talked about the rise of the Infinite Enterprise and the importance for companies to digitize their operations now

Finally – You Can Have Cloud Your Way!

Dan Dulac, VP of Solutions Strategy

When it comes to managing and securing network infrastructure, up until now you only had two choices: traditional premises-based software or native public cloud solutions.

The Power of Network Data and What it Can Do for Your Organization

Mike Mathews, VP of Innovation and CIO, Oral Roberts University; Camille Mendler, Chief Analyst, Enterprise, Omdia; Brenda Dunn Kinney, Business Advisor, BDK & Associates, Ltd.; Jeevan Patil, Senior Director of Product Marketing; Wesley Durow, CMO

The 5G Future for Enterprise Wireless

Marcus Burton, Senior Principal Systems Architect

5G is a hype machine. With marketing comes a motive, and the byproduct is spin and confusion. Our goal in this session is to provide an accessible introduction to 5G

Extreme on Extreme – a CIO’s Perspective

John Abel, CIO, Extreme

John Abel recently joined Extreme Networks as CIO. In this session, we interview John and get his insights on why he chose Extreme, what they are doing under the E2 (Extreme on Extreme) program, and his

The Value of Evolving Your Wired/Wireless Edge with Extreme’s Universal Platforms

Camille Campbell, Senior Product Marketing Manager; Javier Solis, Senior Product Manager

Join this presentation/demonstration to learn about Extreme’s new and upcoming Universal Switches and APs. These platforms

The Path to Universal Switches: For ERS/EXOS Edge Customers

Camille Campbell, Senior Product Marketing Manager; Javier Solis, Senior Product Manager; Joe Ranney, Senior Systems Engineer

Are you an existing Extreme ERS/ EXOS edge switching customer who is starting to plan your next edge refresh? If yes, please

The Path to Universal APs: For On-premises Managed Solutions

Paulo Francisco, Wireless Technical Product Manager; Rosalie Bibona, Senior Product Manager

Are you an existing Extreme Wireless customer planning a refresh? If yes, please join this session to learn about Extreme’s Universal APs which allow for a single AP to

MLB and Extreme – The IT Approach Beyond Game Day

Seth Lane, Sr. Director of Network Infrastructure, MLB; John Brams, Director, Sports & Entertainment

Major League Baseball has led the sports industry in technology advancements and does so with an emphasis on cloud, mobility

Key Technology Trends Driving Federal Government Modernization

David Blake, Tyto Athene; Chris Theon, ManTech;  John Loveless, Senior Director of Sales

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice innovation for resilience and security. Learn about the

Why Extreme for Healthcare

Rob Hale, Director of Infrastructure, Novant Health; Matthew McNeel, Senior Director of Sales

Please join Rob Hale, Director of Infrastructure for Novant Health, a four-state integrated network of physician clinics, outpatient centers, and hospitals headquartered in North Carolina. Learn how

Why Extreme for Higher Education

Robert Klopotoski, Jr., Director of Infrastructure Services, Endicott College; Luis Quispe, Senior Network Engineer, Stevens Institute of Technology; Holly O’Gara, Director of Field Sales, US SLED; David Savage, Senior Director of Sales

Please join us for an interactive session with three of Extreme’s Higher Education customers as they discuss deploying

Why Extreme for State & Local Government

Fidel Chavez, Director of IT, Kern County; Phillip Priewe, Director of IT Nevada Department of Transportation; Steph Zmroczek, Director of Sales; David Savage, Senior Director of Sales

Please join us for a panel discussion with our customers (Kern County, Nevada Department of Transportation) as they take us on their journey of  of how COVID

Why Extreme for Primary Education (K12)

Dr. Akilah Willery, Executive Director, Professional & Digital Learning, Aldine ISD; Dominic Tong, Executive Director Technology Infrastructure, Humble ISD; Dustin Hardin, Chief Technology Officer

The recent challenges in Primary Education (K-12) have been unprecedented. The pivot to digitization and enhancing distance learning has posed new challenges. Couple 

Internet Peering and Border Routing Solutions that Deliver Scale and Performance

Daniel DeBacker, VP of Product Development

Scale and performance continue to grow at an unbelievable pace when it comes to Internet routing. Extreme solutions provide

The 5G Wave is Here – Why is Scalability, Composability, and Visibility Necessary in the 5G Network?

Daniel DeBacker, VP of Product Development

5G represents a new generation of cellular technology with a radically different

Hyper Automated, Secure and Scalable – Building the Carrier-grade Data Center

Daniel DeBacker, VP of Product Development

Are you looking for solutions that will modernize your data center? There are a multitude of options, but the basics remain

Fabric Networking in Action

David Henke, CIO, City of Milwaukee; Terrel Hobbs, Enterprise Network Architect, Government of the Northwest Territories; Camille Campbell, Product Marketing Extreme Networks

Are you looking to increase efficiency, while at the same time simplify and modernize

Internet of Things (IoT) – The New Security Frontier

David Coleman, Product Director

Up to this point, most Internet-generated data has been created by people. However, the theory of the Internet of Things (IoT) states the future will be far different. Sensors, monitors, and machines will lead

Wi-Fi Guest of Honor – Guest Access and Analytics via the Cloud

David Coleman, Product Director

The primary purpose for enterprise WLANs has always been to provide employees wireless mobility, but Wi-Fi access for company guests is also critical. Customers, consultants, vendors, and contractors now

Wi-Fi and BLE Location 101: Location as a Service via the Cloud

David Coleman, Product Director

Cloud-management for Wi-Fi and BLE location services and analytics is changing the game. Why? In addition to enterprises

Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK): Effortless Wi-Fi Security

David Coleman, Product Director

While 802.1x is still the most secure authentication method for enterprise Wi-Fi, it’s often difficult to deploy and configure, hard to troubleshoot, and not ideal for IoT devices. The alternative is WPA2 shared keys

Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS): Not Just Another Security RFP Checkbox

David Coleman, Product Director

You might think WIPS is just another checkbox activity because Wi-Fi security has been enhanced, but we encourage you to think again. Why? The bad guys are

Why 5GHz Wi-Fi is Still Your Best Friend

David Coleman, Product Director

We’re all eagerly anticipating the release of the 6GHz frequency in 2021, but laptops, phones, and access points won’t be able to connect to it for some time. So how can you make better use of existing 5GHz to create

The CLOUD – Why it’s More than Just Network Management

Alexandra Gates, Product Marketing Director

The Cloud – every vendor has one, and we’re used to the story about simplified network management. The cloud isn’t just about network management, just as the internet isn’t all about sending emails. Yes, those are

During these workshops, we’ll dive into these data insights and more – helping you to advance IT and business operations and customer experience.

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